Pitigliano was once a fortress, probably of Etruscan origin, but perhaps its history is even older and probably megalithic era testifies before the Etruscan presence.
The city’s name derives from the gens Petilia: legend tells of two Romans
(Petilio and Cigliano) which,
after having stolen the golden crown of the statue of Jupiter Stator in Capitol
fled to Etruria and took refuge here and founded the city.
Roman rule lasted until the advent of the Longobards who occupied it with all of Tuscany.
With Sorano and Sovana, under the Aldobrandeschi family,
was a fortified triangle.
It then passed to the Orsini, through a period of splendor,
testified by the beautiful Palazzo Orsini,
with a grand portal.
Pitigliano stands majestically springing from tuff and enchanting the visitor
that from a distance they can see the profile and colors.