Places and Culture

Symbol representing the cities of Sovana, Sorano and Pitigliano is tuff,
an element that has always
characterized the area.
All the territory is of volcanic origin and is indented by enormous spurs tuffaceous
carved by numerous storage cave.
The tuff is linked to the history of this part of the Maremma Hilly:
over time this rock has allowed the ancient prehistoric populations,
Etruscan and medieval to exploit and shape the territory with cemeteries, roads,
columbaria, and more.
Even the existing towns made of homes leaning against each other and built with tuff
give the feeling of being at one with the spurs of rock below.

The source of the Terme di Saturnia instead born in a volcanic crater
(where there is the pool of plant) and then flows along
a natural stream (called “the Gorello”) for about 500 meters,
where a drop creates a waterfall that flows around an old mill, and the form in turn,
a series of natural pools carved into the rock on several levels.

These waterfalls are located in open countryside but are easy to spot:
a couple of kilometers before arriving, on the left side of the road,
opens a view that lets you see in the distance the waterfalls of Saturnia
in all their beauty, made even more impressive,
the vapor cloud that constantly accompanies this enchanted place.